[LAU] Again: JACK using too much CPU after a while

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Wed Aug 24 19:01:42 UTC 2016

Hey hey everyone,
I've looked more into this problem and found that JACK will start by using 
between one and two percent of the CPU, but will gradually require more. After 
a day JACK's CPU usage stands at about 65-85%.

Usage: currently only mpv (multimedia player, completely shut down after every 
use). No persisting audio connections, no other realtime and CPU hungry 

JACK Version: 0.121.3
Kernel Version: 3.9.0-rc6 SMP PREEMPT
CPU scheduling/scaling_governor: powersave
CPU setting: 800MHz single-core (of a 3GHz quadcore)
Underlying soundcard device: ALSA multi with two MAudio Delta 1010 LT cards, 
sync'ed via S/PDIF.
JACK commandline:
jackd --timeout 4500 -R -d alsa -C cdelta -P pdelta -r 48000 -p 256 -z shaped
short-time load average: 0.47 (decreasing for longer periods).

If more information or experimentation, to identify the issue, is necessary, 
please let me know.

Thank you for any help and hints in the right direction.

* Homepage: https://freeshell.de/~silvain
* Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ffanci_silvain
* GitHub:   https://github.com/fsilvain

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