[LAU] Again: JACK using too much CPU after a while

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Thu Aug 25 05:14:54 UTC 2016

Len Ovens, Aug 25 2016:
> DSP with Ardour running 3.6 to 3.8% (only two plugins fluidsynth and 
> reasonable synth just now)
Just curious: DSP? Do you have an extra board?
> CPU speed goes down. WHen jack first gets started powersave will give cpu 
> close to full speed, as jack idles, cpu speed goes down and cpu used to keep 
> up with jack's unchanging needs goes up.
This is something I hadn't considered, seeing that 800MHz is the lowest speed setting for my CPU.

Right now JACK 0.125.0rc1 idles at 17-18% CPU and has done so since last night. If that doesn't hold, I will try changing the govenor.

Thank you all, for your help and guidance.

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