[LAU] ardour session exchange

Olli olli at coderkun.de
Fri Aug 26 06:19:16 UTC 2016

On 25.08.16 18:58, Paul Davis wrote:
> Git tools may not make much sense for musicians, but libgit fronted by a
> specialized GUI would probably be quite amenable for most people.

Though using git sounds like a great idea—especially working with branches for
plugin configurations—I doubt it will work well with large audio material. You
would need a remote repository to store probably gigabytes of data.

I made some good experiences using syncthing¹ which does not require a central
server and works great for transfering large audo material. The only thing to
note is to not edit the session file simultaneously.

Maybe a combination of both would make sense: Using git for handling session
files and any non-audio file and using syncthing to transfer the (large) audio


¹ http://syncthing.net

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