[LAU] Crackles in audio - how to troubleshoot ? Tim's TEST RESULTS:

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Fri Aug 26 09:04:12 UTC 2016

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016 18:19:17 -0400
termtech <termtech at rogers.com> wrote:


> Is this a new or replacement PC?

Neither.  I have this one for a few years now.
> Go to this site:
> http://onlinetonegenerator.com
>  and input a high frequency of say 15000Hz, so that you don't
>  hear the tone so much as any noise that may accompany it.

There is no noise at all, at the moment.  The problem is not steady.
It can happen suddenly.  I have linked somehow to the use of Bitwig
although from your comments I now start to veer off towards the 10101LT

One thing: with a tone say of 1500HZ generated from the above web page,
there is crackling as soon as the volume slider is moved from left to
right repeatedly.  No crackling otherwise.

Compensating for audio variations could involve capacitors I think.  If
they start to fail then shaking the volume slider could produce noise,
could it ?

> So, today I brought the card to my dealer and we tried it on
>  another i5 PC, having a much better Asus MB.

It"s also an Asus board in this machine.  I always get Asus since some
> Believe me if there was something I could do to make it work
>  I would do it and report back. I was contemplating replacing the 
>  electrolytic capacitors on the card just in case. You'd be surprised
> just how weak caps can be, allowing digital ripple on supply lines
> etc. It's possible that may help.
> But given that the card works OK elsewhere, and I don't want to waste
>  any more time on this, I am just going for the replacement PC
> instead.

Replacing the capacitors could be something to do.  Are they easy to
get ?  How many of these are on the card ?

OTOH, I was at the music store recently and upon mentioning 1010LT the
remarks went on about age and who is older.  Maybe it could be time to
upgrade to a newer card.  Maybe.  I have no idea on what's on the
market that plays very well for Linux.  I'll start another thread.


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