[LAU] Replacement for a 1010LT

William Light wrl at illest.net
Fri Aug 26 23:15:42 UTC 2016

On Fri, 26 Aug 2016, at 11:23, jonetsu at teksavvy.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> What's there on the market nowadays that works very well in Linux ?
> I use many in/out lines on the 1010LT.  I use 5 line outs, 4 line
> ins, 2 XLR ins.  I find it practical not having to re-connect things.
> Nice for recording. And also, not needing extra hardware to connect
> many lines to an interface limited in I/O is good.
> The replacement audio card should have a good number of I/o lines, as
> well as XLR inputs.  
> Just got recently an ART MPA II pre-amp which I'm slowly exploring.  So
> phantom power from an audio interface is not a criteria.

Unrelated, but consider replacing the tubes in that MPA. I swapped the
stock (unbranded) tubes in mine with a set of JJ 12AX7 and it improved
the sound markedly. Cheap upgrade, too: the JJ tubes ran me about €12

On the subject of the audio interfaces, I've been having an excellent
time with an RME Multiface + the HDSP PCI card. Can be had on ebay for a
couple hundred and well worth it. It's getting on there in years, but
it's aged wonderfully, and it has 8 channels of ADAT optical i/o if you
want to add more channels in the future (which I did).


> Browsing the M-Audio site, the M-Track Eight rack mount USB unit might
> be something along those lines, although since I also have things
> connected to the 3 USB ports, I would tend to prefer one that does not
> use USB.  Also, it sounds like it comes with controlling software that
> could be not available on Linux, or available with limited
> capabilities.  Some for the Octane Preamp Technology M-Audio is
> boasting about that interface: not needed.  I'd prefer putting money
> into the interface itself.
> The other offerings from M-Audio are those rather limited-looking
> interfaces with a big knob sitting on top.
> I do not know of any other serious audio interfaces out there -
> suggestions and comments are welcomed !
> Cheers.
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