[LAU] [Music] Planctus Novus

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Aug 31 13:49:11 UTC 2016


On 08/30/2016 06:58 AM, David Santamauro wrote:
> On 08/30/2016 06:46 AM, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/planctus-novus
>> A lamenting song, without words, in homage to a Troubadour poetic form
>> known as a planh (Latin: planctus).
>> Once again, nothing special going on here, just an original melody and
>> harmonization (hopefully enjoyable), something to keep me busy.
>> Downloads enabled, comments welcome.
> Very nice ... but a few quick observations:
>   - cantus is lost (muddied) during harmonization(s)
>   - pedal point in second harmonization didn't always "work", although 
> that is my objective perspective
>   - coda was contemplative and enjoyable.

Thanks for the comments, David, they are appreciated. I agree with your 
first point, the melody is obscured too much by the harmony, I'll 
balance it out better and post an improved version asap. OTOH, I like 
the pedal as it is, at least I haven't got tired of it yet. :)

> I thoroughly enjoyed the harmonizations: wonderful fusion of period 
> and modern styles.

I work on my harmony chops constantly. I was born and raised on rock & 
roll, never considered any complex harmony until I started listening to 
jazz and classical music. My ears have improved over time, but I'm still 
working on my aural recognition/prediction skills.

> thanks for sharing.

My pleasure, many thanks for the critique.



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