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> There are very nice synths in Linux, such as the u-he synths.
> And then there's electric guitar with full distortion. There is
> something that transforms itself as you play it.  That rips it.
> Discovery Pro.

"Available at your favorite ripping store."

Beer-induced histrionics aside, it's a little marvel to have largely no
hardware components apart from DACs that can actually generate this kind
of distortion in which the player feels much that the sounds lives
depending on how the keyboard is played, velocity, sustain.  That it is
possible to have the sounds go overboard in a distorted way by pushing
on the keys.  

Many synths have beautiful intricate sounds.  Sounds that are beautiful
sounding in their complexity and nuances.  Sounds that are so rich in
evocation that they seem to tell a story just by themselves.  Sound
patches that when heard, one feels that should be added to their sonic

And then there are sounds that one could almost dismiss as being too
bland, too flat or too rough.  Especially when compared with the
above.  It comes to be though that these simpler sounds merges much
more with existing tracks, adding bite and presence without wanting to
take over the mix.

And that's a difficulty I found when using beautifully complex sounds:
in order to appreciate their intricate nature, other elements in the
mix must be toned down.  Their presence can barely be half
demonstrated.  If so, the listener will feel that not everything is
shown as the subdued parts are lurking in the mix.

Each type has their uses, of course.  And it cannot really be all full
of presence and bold in a mix.  There must be supportive parts that
spotlights what the attention should be drawn to.

A few thoughts about synth sounds.  Just to modulate the
'ripping-store-advert' above.  

Disclaimer: I have no stake in DiscoDSP.  Nor in Coors Light :)


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