[LAU] MIDI over wifi on Linux, revisited

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Jan 4 02:04:25 UTC 2016

On Sun, 3 Jan 2016, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:

> I am not certain that MIDI must have 100% reliability to be useful in something
> like a tablet controller, as long as status feedback exists so the operator knows
> that a signal has failed.  But MIDI does have to have 100% reliability to be
> useful to drive a synth from a keyboard.  And I will think that for very high

Even for a controller, it is quite important, maybe required. The only 
place midi can be less than 100% is a string of changing values for one 
controller where the next value is known to be coming or this is the last 
event in a string and the change in value is very small.

> fidelity situations, audio transmission does have to either have 100% reliability
> -- with retransmission or a good enough setup that there simply is no audible
> loss -- or has to have seriously good interpolative resampling capability to hide
> the losses. 

In a performance situation, audio and high fidelity are not so important. 
QOS still must be very high, but a missing sample is not like a missing 
note off (or missing mute on a controller) where the effect can last till 
manually corrected, possibly needing a panic reset.

> According to at least one reference I found, the Ubuntu inclusions "scenic" and
> "midistream" are said to be RTP-MIDI complete with journaling, and it does sound
> to me like this is likely to be the best-of-breed for remote instrument control
> over IP right now.  I'll be trying these next unless another option arises.

Cool, Are they core audio compatible too? midistream does mention 
journaling in the man page, scenic does not. Scenic is made to stream more 
than MIDI too it seems... oh, it seems midistream is a part of scenic... 
at least bugs point there. Not much work in there far a few years now 
though. Could be a starting point for things though.

Some further looking says that midistream is no longer available as a 
package. But:

"There is also the interesting scenic project that contains 
Python based rtpmidi support (from which the now discontinued midistream 
Debian package was derived). In the Scenic source tree the actual 
midistream python application is here scenic/py/scripts/midistream.in, and 
the associated library may be found here: scenic/py/rtpmidi"

http://www.humatic.de/htools/nmj/ is for android... maybe no help.

Len Ovens

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