[LAU] MIDI over wifi on Linux, revisited

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Mon Jan 4 19:14:49 UTC 2016

On Mon, January 4, 2016 12:55 pm, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
> If my architecture needs a panic button, my
> architecture isn't good enough for me.
> But in truth, I don't want any risk of out-of-order, or missed, commands
> in the stream.  Delay is fine, only as a great indicator that I have to
> abandon wireless and use my backup wired approach.

If wired is physically possible at all, I don't understand why you are
considering WiFi if you actually need reliable real time communication. 
Unless this is in an isolated building where you can completely control
the RF environment, you never know when someone is going to turn on
another WiFi device that temporarily disrupts communication, has a 2.4GHz
security camera that doesn't play well with WiFi, or even cooks something
in a microwave oven with a fraction of a percent leakage (e.g. someone
making popcorn in the green room).  A typical microwave oven is around
1000 W, maximum allowed power in the 2.4GHz band in North America is 1 W,
but I have seen a lot of devices with lower than that as the maximum.  It
doesn't take much leakage at all to equal the power output from a WiFi
I used to have problems with the WiFi to my wife's laptop slowing greatly
if we were heating anything in the kitchen microwave.  I can't conceive of
using something that fragile in a concert environment.

Chris Caudle

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