[LAU] MIDI over wifi on Linux, revisited

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Tue Jan 5 00:49:44 UTC 2016

On 01/04/2016 01:14 PM, Chris Caudle wrote:
> I used to have problems with the WiFi to my wife's laptop slowing 
> greatly if we were heating anything in the kitchen microwave. I can't 
> conceive of using something that fragile in a concert environment. 
I'll have to think that there are lots of factors; we used to have an 
early 1980's microwave, huge and powerful, about six feet away from our 
WAP and there was never a problem.  Maybe the laptop's chipset was 
sensitive in unusual ways, or something.

And I have to agree, 2.4GHz wifi is dangerous right now...but not really 
with directional antennas, banks are still using 2.4GHz for ATMs across 
quite a lot of space outdoors, with directionals.  And there's always 

The motivation for me is simple.  I have worn out too many USB ports to 
be happy about it!!!  I have thought of trying to throw USB over three 
1/4" phone jack cables (using the _extremely_ __durable traditional 
Switchcraft hardware), but have thought that I would probably run into 
impedance, isolation, or something else hidden in USB.  I have also 
spent quite a lot of time looking for adapter combos which would let me 
use microUSB for the common detachments, but it seems that the parts 
builders just haven't had me in mind.

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