[LAU] Ecasound mono wave file and autostart

Kai Vehmanen kvlists at nosignal.fi
Sat Jan 16 20:50:07 UTC 2016

Hi Lorenzo,

On Sat, 16 Jan 2016, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

> ecasound -c -i ultimo_sole_audio_dial_eff.wav -o jack,system \
> -G:jack,ecasound,recv
> 1. The above starts in interactive mode while I'd like ecasound to autostart 
> when run. It seems that omitting -c will cause ecasound to exit upon jack 
> transport stop, which is a no-go for me

You can add "-E start" to handle this (see ecasound(1) man page for -E, it 
allows you to pass set of initial commands to run, so designed 
specifically to address this problem).

> 2. The wave file is mono: I tried various combinations sucj as jack_multi but 
> this will always either create two outputs or one output and connect it only 
> to one of the system (stereo) outputs.

Add "-chcopy:1,2" (see ecasound(1) man page for this as well) and "-f:,2, 
-o jack,system". This will copy left channel contents to the right, and output
a stereo stream to JACK.

Br, Kai

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