[LAU] [OT] String section seating

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sun Jan 17 16:17:52 UTC 2016

[Ffanci Silvain]
> Assuming I have a 60 instrumentalist string section with 1st and 2nd
> violins, violas, celli and double basses. At what distance am I
> looking in a straight line from left to right and front to back? 

According to Michael Barron's "Auditorium acoustics and architectural
design" (2009), a large stage for a full orchestra should be at most
18m wide and 12m deep (obviously this leaves some room around the
ensemble, and things will be still more compact if wood, brass and
percussion are absent).  Barron also gives figures of 1.25m^2 per
violin/viola, 1.5m^2 for a cello, and 1.8m^2 for a double bass.

Cheers, Tim

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