[LAU] Some general news

Markus Seeber markus.seeber at spectralbird.de
Fri Jan 29 13:47:10 UTC 2016

On 01/29/2016 02:34 PM, Will Godfrey wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Jan 2016 12:42:50 +0100
> Markus Seeber <markus.seeber at spectralbird.de> wrote:
>> On 01/29/2016 12:03 PM, Will Godfrey wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Also,
>>> their built-in bug reporting is very useful. There doesn't seem to be an
>>> equivalent in github.
>> Do you mean an issue tracker? GutHub does have one. But I am totally
>> unfamiliar with sourceforge, except for testing adblockers on it, so
>> maybe that's not what you were referring to?
> The issue tracker is not as good as a proper bug tracker with status info etc.
> Also, I don't think it gives auto-notification to the devs.

Yes the GitHub Issues are quite minimal. I have seen projects building
on top of them with external services and by (ab)using tags to attach
information to Issues. The mail notification stuff is just a user
setting, though I think periodic reminders are not sent per mail.

In general I agree, for Project management in general, there are some

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