[LAU] Commandline EBU R128 metering

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Wed Jun 1 10:07:45 UTC 2016

Hey hey everyone,
I'd like to do some loudness metering on the commandline. I've seen a tool 
r128gain which looked promising, but doesn't compile. I'd rather not go and 
figure out how to fix it right now.

Is there any other tool, that I may use to get: LUFS of a whole track, dynamic 
range and peaks. I reckon more wouldn't be feasable on a terminal.

Any tips are welcome. Thank you very mmuch.

* Homepage: https://freeshell.de/~silvain
* Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ffanci_silvain
* GitHub:   https://github.com/fsilvain

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