[LAU] Fw: LFO and midi channels

menno nabob_cd at yahoo.com
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es Ffanci, i think that creating a VST with Cabbage would be a solution. I'm a bit surprised though that there seems not be be a ready-made progam for this. But i guess this is the way to go...one more for the to-do list :P
One computer is running Blue/Csound and the Csound Jacktransport opcode, the other computer gets synced by this Jacktransport opcode. This works very well.The second computer is running a sequencer program (Muse) with VST instruments. I want to be able to direct the midi output of Muse ( or a keyboard) to different VSTs in Carla.
Thanks for thinking aloud and confirming the Cabbage/VST solution!
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Hi Menno,
couldn't a solution with Cabbage/Blue or PureData do the trick? Naturally, it 
would still involve writing some code to put everything in place, but then you 
friend would have a "simple" GUI to serve the purpose. - Just think aloud...

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