[LAU] Jack MIDI for Incudine

Tito Latini tito.01beta at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 21:19:47 UTC 2016


I have recently added the Jack MIDI support [1] to Incudine [2].

The incudine command is optional but if you are able to install it,
the follow script is a simple jack-midi-dump in Common Lisp:

chmod +x jack-midi-dump

The directory incudine/doc contains a man page for the incudine command.

#!/usr/local/bin/incudine --script

(defvar *midiin* (jackmidi:open))

(setf (logger-level) :info)
(setf (logger-time) nil)

(make-responder *midiin*
  (lambda (st d1 d2)
    (cond ((jackmidi:sysex-message-p st)
           (msg info "~S"
                (jackmidi:input-stream-sysex-octets *midiin*)))
          (t (msg info "~D ~D ~D" st d1 d2)))))

(recv-start *midiin*)
(msg info "Press <Enter> to exit.")

P.S.  a score file (called rego file) for incudine is emacs org-mode friendly;
 there is a useless but extreme example in /path/to/incudine/tests/rego/org-mode.rego

[1] http://incudine.sourceforge.net/tutorial_jackmidi.html

[2] http://incudine.sourceforge.net/

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