[LAU] Scripting jackd connections

worik root at worik.org
Thu Jun 16 21:07:36 UTC 2016

Thank you people.

Looks like jack_connect, jack_disconnect and jack_control are what I am
looking for. 


On 16/06/16 18:25, Len Ovens wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2016, Will Godfrey wrote:
>>> You probably really want to use jackdbus (what qjackctl on UbuntuSTudio
>>> uses by default) so that you can change the system device the jack
>>> server
>> I don't know about ubuntu, but here on vanilla debian, jackdbus is
>> quite a
>> headache for me.
>> Something (I haven't discovered what) is starting it up, and it
>> connects to
>> onboard hdmi, if I then start qjackctl it sees jack running so
>> doesn't apply
>> the setting I actually want, which is my KA6. It happens just
>> infrequently
>> enough for me to forget and wonder why everything is connected but
>> I'm getting
>> no sound :(
> Are you sure it is not the other way around? Normally it is jackd that
> gets started by some jack app and then qjackctl can no longer start
> jackdbus which is pretty normal. Does your version of jack happen to
> be from 2014ish? It was buggy and when an app started jackd in
> temporay mode it did not exit when the app closed.
> qjackctl can only control an instance of jackd it starts itself.
> However, I can start jackdbus with jack_control and use qjackcontrol
> to stop and then restart with different parameters. If perhaps you are
> thinking that you often find "jackdbus auto" running using ps x or
> something like that, do try jack_control status
> If it says:
> --- status
> stopped
> jackdbus is not the problem.... probably jackd is also running... try
> killall -9 jackd and see if qjackctl starts working as you expect.
> You either need a working jackd or you can chmod -x /usr/bin/jackd if
> you don't want to do that. (I ran with jackd chmod -x for two years
> waiting for the repos to catch up with no harm. BTW, jackdbus can do
> pretty much anything jackd can using jack_control. Try it in a
> terminal with no parameter for a help list as there is no man page :P
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