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Set Hallstrom public at sakrecoer.com
Fri Jun 17 10:26:19 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-15 19:21, Paul Davis wrote:
> It may be a misrepresentation of the actual state of things, but
> neverthless remains a highly potent and visceral description of how many
> people experience the distribution of power in the world.

I feel very strong for this line. It also reminds me that it is weird
that we imagine ourselves being able to keep secrets in a system that
was designed to spread information as fast and widely as possible. But i
guess that down the lane of that, banks and money would no longer fit on
the www...?

I feel like data mining and computer security largely thrives on
missinformation and computer illiteracy, something i like to refere to
as "analphabetism 2.0". I'm not saying everyone should know how to
program, but everyone should know some basics. Just like reading and
writing: most people can, but it doesn't necesseraily give them the
skills to write a book. I don't really believe in concious conspiracies,
but i get myself wondering why we call things "privacy" on internet when
it really is nothing but "exclusivity".

The existing data is begging to be abused. It would take Hitler2.0 five
minutes to get the list of his potential detractors via facebook. Will
that happen? I don't know, but the potential is there. Will i be safe
without a facebook? Probably not... Hitler2.0 will go after the 16 guys
who have no facebook first since they gotta be suspicious. To be safe,
its maybe better to have a facelink and post some cats and meals and
casual bathroom gossip. :D

At some point, i'm sure we will learn how to behave on Internet. I just
hope it will not be the hard way.

Set Sakrecoer

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