[LAU] The cult of John Option (out now)

Massimo Barbieri massimo at fsfe.org
Sat Jun 18 06:10:55 UTC 2016

Il 09/06/2016 19:57, Glen MacArthur ha scritto:
> a whole album at once, many folks have neither the time or attention span
> to digest a whole album in one sitting in our 15 second social media
> newsfeed age.

That's true!!

> It's funny how history is kind of repeating back to the early to mid 60's
> when 45 rpm singles were more popular than albums and many artists did the
> same thing... put out an album after sufficient released singles (and
> often filler) could be glued together and fill an LP..

I think that in both cases, the 60's and today, it happens because of
the way that people use to listen music.

> All the best in your future projects, and again, congrats on this release.

Many thanks!


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