[LAU] Why, Phil? #07 : Angus Young goes to Church

Philip Yassin philcm at gnu.org
Sun Jun 19 19:05:15 UTC 2016

On 19/06/2016 16:47, Christopher Arndt wrote:
> Am 19.06.2016 um 18:38 schrieb jonetsu at teksavvy.com:
>> Is there software that can use the impulse response files for each
>> location, hence not needing to upload our own sounds to their website ?
> Just click on a specific location, then select the "Impulse Responses"
> tab and download the WAv file(s). Load the Klangfalter plugin in your
> host and open the WAV file in the plugin.
At first, I wanted to do the video with Klangfalter, and then I 
discovered IR (because it was mentioned here) and I have this strange 
"tooltkit" illness that makes me favor one piece of software over 
another just by the level of integration of its GUI with my DE, this is 
very shallow I know. Klangfalter was the first I knew about (also 
because it was mentioned here, I should definitely have come sooner :p) 
and it works really good, in fact even on the GUI side (It just can't 
resize, like all juce plugins, oh well) because it turns out that IR 
tends to "forget everything" the IR file loaded, the settings for that 
matter, and even the "IR files library" location :( so I kinda regret 
not having done the full thing with Klangfalter, it's kind of unjust. At 
least I mentioned it, ah.

PS - about that "places where we can find IR files" thing, I got a 
comment on the video about musical-artifacts (MA : 
https://musical-artifacts.com) that I know about because I read about it 
on LMP, and discovered some time ago that it was *directly connected to 
guitarix* this is incredible, did you know about that? It's in tjhe 
presets, you refresh it like a list of resources from an online shooter 
:) I dreamed about that: Presets stored online in a FOSS library, 
readable from the program's GUI! I want to do a video about that, so I'd 
like to ask you guys:

Do you know of any other interaction of this kind? On the matter at 
hand, are there any IR plugin "connected" to MA? And any other audio 
software that can do that, retrieve online presets? For instance, Jeremy 
Autostatic made super cool patches for synthV1, and everytime I install 
a machine (I'll do a video about that too) I have to hunt them down, 
where are they? Wait, they ARE on MA 
<https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/147>. Well, I'd love to have 
those right inside my synthv1 :p

Ideally, you could not only read but write those, so you'd be identified 
on MA, well, I am right now, wait, maybe that already works like this, 
is there an API for this web thingie? Is this even possible, like in the 
LV2 specs?

Anyway, thanks a lot for you kind words, everybody! I tripled my YTube 
subscribers (word is they start giving you money when there's a lot, 
anybody here knows more about that?) from 10 to 60 :)

If there is anything that you'd want me to cover, please, big, loud, 
thunderous please, let me know, the episode will be even better.

> Chris
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