[LAU] Rated Blue - A couple of Live Freddie King songs

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Tue Jun 21 04:40:12 UTC 2016


During some recent rehearsals we set up some mics to experiment with live
recordings in preparation for a new album of original material to be
recorded throughout the summer. We decided to document a few arrangements
of some of our favorite artists and number one on the list was the
immortal Freddie King. http://www.freddiekingsite.com/

These were tracked live (warts, glitches, flubs, flurbs and all) to a
Presonus 1818VSL and recorded in Harrison Mixbus 3 using AV Linux 2016.
For good measure I whipped up some cheesy faux 70's Live album art in

Going Down: https://soundcloud.com/rated-blue/going ... king-cover
Yonder Wall: https://soundcloud.com/rated-blue/yonde ... king-cover

In 'Yonder Wall' I totally dropped a bass solo on Pete without warning and
he didn't let me down :lol:


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