[LAU] WhyPhil? #08 : A Song is Cooking

Philip Yassin philcm at gnu.org
Tue Jun 21 06:31:58 UTC 2016

Funny how this song is litterally dreamt up as the show goes along, this 
is kind of a performance, don't you know? ;) For now we have kind of a 
verse foundation, I really need to sleep do dig out a chorus :) I'm not 
used to making songs like this, having said that, a few were made this 
way. With like days between the chorus and the verse. This is like the 
pop music equivalent of prog-rock :) Ah, those songs that run on the 
guitar, verse-chorus-bridge-what-have-you, why are they so scarce?

Maybe a bonus track for my "Faux Frog" album (which is still due two 
tracks, one is ready, we'll shoot the video tomorrow)? Even the lyrics 
come quite unusually.

Rendez-vous à Bastille pour le concert
Habillée de tristesse pour tout l'hiver à venir / encore
La nouvelle a fait le tour de la terre

https://youtu.be/SHKq8AyqwnA (special "free" link for the /text-based 
email news readers/ :p)

The sun is already quite high ; Have a bright & harmonic day.


Philip "xaccrocheur" Yassin
http://bitbucket.org/xaccrocheur / https://github.com/xaccrocheur

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