[LAU] Piano composition - Lost Isle (& LV2 plugins)

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Sat Jun 25 11:58:24 UTC 2016

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> On Fri, 24 Jun 2016 05:19:22 +0200
> fred <f.rech at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> > Maybe you have something to say about the fashion to tune A to 442 Hz?  
> Er, that would be 432Hz.  The 'universal' frequency.  See on youtube,
> there are tons of adaptations, from Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven to native
> american indians, to Phil Collins, David Bowie and Rammstein.  Including
> of course the mandatory 'om' chants and reggae music
> Maybe one of these days I'll try tuning everything down to 432Hz.
> Interestingly enough, 440Hz was adopted relatively recently.

As a matter of interest, when I was a wee lad, we had an old wood-framed piano
at home. This couldn't be tuned to 'modern' concert pitch and hanging on a hook
inside was a tuning fork marked 'C' 256 c/s (cycles per second). The keys were
genuine ivory, quite yellowed with age, and well worn too, with finger shaped
groves in the front lip of the most played ones.

Will J Godfrey
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.

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