[LAU] speaker frequency response measurement and display

Gerhard Zintel gerhard.zintel at web.de
Sat Jun 25 12:35:35 UTC 2016

On Sat 25 June 2016, Ben Rouits wrote:
>> I want to display the frequency response (amplitude, impedance and
>> maybe phase) of my self-build speakers on my homepage. I like the
> I am using qloud to do that. it compiles over Qt4, Qwt and jackd.
> sources are available at http://gaydenko.com/qloud/

Hi Ben,

thanks for the hint. I just tried to compile qloud myself and failed 
with message:

----------- snip ------------------
ExcitForm.cpp:98:20: error: ‘class QwtCounter’ has no member 
named ‘setSingleStep’
ExcitForm.cpp:119:20: error: ‘class QwtCounter’ has no member 
named ‘setSingleStep’
----------- snip ------------------

Have you been able to compile latest version (1.0) without problems? 
I've installed all the mandatory development packages so far. I might 
have to contact the author.


<small rant>
I love Linux a lot and are exclusively using it for 15 years now - but 
it's a real pity that you can not launch old executables at all later 
distributions easily. Otherwise authors could offer a binary 
additionally to the sources that would save possible users a lot of 
headaches. In Windows mostly all old *.exe programs from XP area are 
running fine under Win7 or above and if you try to get the latest 
e.g. gnuplot versions running (fill in program of your choice) that 
is not yet in your distribution it's much more easy for a Windows 
user to do so as executables are available than for a Linux user..

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