[LAU] [Music] Ei N'yawei

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Sun Sep 25 15:42:25 UTC 2016


Metaphorically, "Ei N'yawei" is based on a bass/drum concrete limited
structure over which dreams and aspirations are hovering.  To end in a
state where the concrete is gone and only aspirations, or their
substance, what gives them life, is left.  Or at least their shadow

In down-to-earth terms, the bass is provided by an acoustic bass
guitar complemented by a sub bass synth, over a drum track that is
more percussion than drums.  At one point in time this is replaced by
mostly a frame drum loop and a thinned out acoustic bass guitar.  The
lead synth of the first part is replaced by a sound that's more in the
vein of traditional reed-based instruments, complete with a slight

The title means nothing, it is only the sounds made by the
voice of Francesca Genco.

There is also a 'remix' of the same, with percussion sounds further
tweaked and all 'played' on a Launchpad mini.


The remix:


Enjoy.  Comments welcomed.

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