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Maurizio Berti maurizio.berti at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 16:40:42 UTC 2016

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in the last two weeks I've been working on two MIDI related personal

MidiMemo is an automatic MIDI recorder; the concept is similar to the one
of JACK Timemachine and the autorec feature of Pianoteq: you don't need to
remember to hit record everytime, since it automatically connects to every
available and readable ALSA MIDI port and records every incoming event. New
hardware/software devices are automatically connected too without the need
for user interaction. As soon as MidiMemo receives a midi event it will
start a new "stream", there is a configurable minimum time after which it
will actually remember the stream, otherwise it will be discarded; another
configurable "last event limit" time will allow you to set how much time
MidiMemo will be waiting for new events before closing and saving the
stream. Each stream can be inspected, with a full list of the recorded
events that can be filtered and, eventually, exported to a .MID file, even
with a time conversion.
There are still some bugs (a strange export problem with sysex messages I'm
trying to solve) but it works fine for "normal" playing.

MidiGraph is a graph inspector for ALSA sequencer, and it is intended for
developing or debugging purposes. It displays every available client and
port, even those that are not normally listed using aplaymidi/arecordmidi
or QJackCtl, with detailed information about every port (type and
capabilities) and connection.

Both of them are written in Python 2.7, and require PyQt4 and pyalsa.
I'm still developing them, there's no setup yet and some bugs and features
still need work.

I hope you will find them useful, and I'd be glad to have some feedback.

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