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Will Godfrey <willgodfrey at musically.me.uk> a écrit :

> This came about when one of our team (who still uses a CRT monitor)
> found that a cheap ionizer dramatically reduced the static discharges
> he kept getting. He quickly realised that ionization could be used to
> control both static attraction and repulsion. Thinking there must be
> an enhanced IT equivalent he hacked up some software ionization code.
> The idea actually worked. Damp down one window's positive charges and
> the other's negative component and they'd immediately stick together
> - overlapping (trying to balance their fields). He called this a
> 'Polarising Object Stratifier'. Making the windows repel was a bit of
> a problem as they tended to get a bit agressive and would fly right
> off the edges of the screen.

It is even much worst than that. See WindowWasherDroid

"This is a port of an old Amiga utility by Simon Butcher."

From the README

In the early days of televisions scientist thought not.  Your
actual screen is a vacuum container, into which no dirt or dust could
get. (see fig 1.1) The only things inside the screen are the electrons
(if they count as things).  This is where the problem lies.

Fig 1.1 - The Normal Cathode Tube

                                  stream of electrons
                           ____ /
                        __/    X
        electron     __/      / |
        gun     \___/        /  |
                |___|           |
                    \__   .     |---- phosphorous screen
                       \__/     |
                      suicidal electron

        Recently much research at the DuckSoft Institute for Science
and Technology, has gone into the behaviour of these electrons.
        Many shocking revelations have come to light.  In the words of
Prof. Cyd Butcher, (No blood relative) head of televisual laboratory
research at the DuckSoft Institute, in his highly regarded paper "The
Psychology of Electrons."
        "It has been discovered that because the electrons shooting
out of the electron gun, is such a traumatic experience that the
effect can be quite dramatically disturb the electrons
psychologically. They become obsessed with the idea of individuality,
earthquakes and the ego state.  They become unstable, and a small few
suicidal.  These unfortunate sub-atomic particles deliberately try to
break out of the electron beam in an attempt to create a personal
sense of freedom.  Consequently they go careering off at the wrong
angle, breaking under the magnetic stresses into smaller particles
quantum physicists are either yet to discover or haven't got around to
naming yet.  The name for these remains is 'post-paranoic meson/muon

Fig 1.2 - A tube with Residue.

                                  stream of electrons
                           ____ /
                        __/    X
        electron     __/      /|+---- layer of residue
        gun     \___/        / ||
                |___|          ||---- phosphorous screen
                    \__   .    ||
                       \__/    ||
                      suicidal electron

        This is the point at which Window Washer picks up the story.
The purpose of Window Washer is to clean up and dispose of the post-
paranoic meson/muon residue.  Providing a nice clean surface for the
new electrons straight from the gun, to hit.  This will give a much
improved picture. (probably)
        Unfortunately, all of this is hard to prove as the dirt
involved is invisible to the naked eye, and only a few angstroms
thick, and the whole program does seem a bit pointless if you're using
a LCD or alternative technology screen.

        This program is WashWare, (yes yet another ShareWare
        WashWare is my alternative to ShareWare.  Every time my
program revolves several more inches of residue just think where you'd
be without it. (Nowhere)"

That's it!

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