[LAU] Linux Audio: An overview

Hank Stanglow stanglow at yandex.com
Tue Apr 4 02:56:57 UTC 2017

On 04/03/2017 12:05 AM, Louigi Verona wrote:
> Linux Audio: An overview 
> <https://louigiverona.com/?page=projects&s=writings&t=linux&a=linux_linuxaudio>
Thank you for putting into words my exact feelings on Linux Audio. Like 
you, I started using Linux seven years ago. It took me six months just 
to understand the basics of this convoluted Linux Audio landscape. I 
welcomed the challenge and wrote some interesting music after being 
forced to change my approach and workflow. (I had been using Win/MAC 
DAWs since the early 90s.) But unlike you, I gave up on Linux Audio. 
Every six months or so I try out one of the popular programs (like 
Qtractor and Audacity), but inevitably I shrug and say "meh, still not 
good enough." I've gone back to using 10 year old Windows DAWs, editors, 
and plugins in WINE because, even with parts of the software broken by 
emulation, it's still better than most native stuff. And it's not like 
I'm new to the challenges of music and technology. I've been writing 
electronic music since Cakewalk 3.01, running MIDI cables around my 
apartment to different machines. To me, using native Linux audio tools 
is painful at best, which is too bad, because I make money producing 
audio and would love to support and promote Linux Audio the way I 
promote (and financially support) other Linux tools. If only there was 
something I could add to my workflow!

There is a certain type of musician that feels at home using native 
Linux tools. I'm not one of them, nor are any of my friends, although I 
do know a couple musicians who are also programmers that are comfortable 
making music with Linux... Imagine that.
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