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till at www.n0ne.de till at www.n0ne.de
Sun Apr 9 22:06:13 UTC 2017

I made a couple of mini websites using https://bolt.cm/ recently. Based on PHP (with Silex / Symfony Framework under the Hood) HTML generation is handled by Twig, which makes things really quick, once you get the hold of it. Much less bloated than Wordpress.

> On 4/8/17 12:39 PM, brouits at free.fr wrote:
>> For a friend of mine, I am looking for a static or dynamic (php only)
>> website engine or static html5 generator for music production, giving
>> to the public a blog-like website with audio and sometimes video. It
>> would be ideally easy to use and have either an file upload handler,
>> or scan files that would have been put through FTP to the self-hosted
>> site.
>> I read several months ago such a tool on the LAU, but did not
>> retrieve in my inbox the discussions about it, so i am asking again.
> Jekyll (ruby) and Hakyll (haskell) are pretty good static html(5)
> generators. Not even php required.
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