[LAU] Working with netJack2 on raspberry pi

Claus Lensbøl cmol at cmol.dk
Tue Apr 18 07:20:29 UTC 2017


So I'm trying to set up a Raspberry pi as an output for jack. I've had
it working with pulseaudio, but have to much latency with pulse.

What I've done is to follow this guide:

I can get the pi registered and connected and all, but when I try to
load the audioadapter I get:

$ jack_load audioadapter
could not load audioadapter, intclient = 0 status = 0x 1

I have no idea what to do from here or what my problem is. I tried
getting the audio connected with alsa_out, but never got any output.
Any ideas? :)

It should be noted that I am running the PIs headless, and without and
x-server (plain raspbian, and control over ssh), which I am now
wondering might be an issue?

Kind regards
Claus Lensbøl

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