[LAU] [Music] Smooth, soothing: test-jam112 - Fretless Bass Mix

jonetsu jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Mon Aug 7 09:39:26 UTC 2017


> Long time no music out there.  While mixing something else I came
> across a thread on Linux Musicians about collaboration, with a new
> branch of the forum being created: Virtual Music Projects.  So I
> picked a project almost purely by coincidence and submitted it for
> collaboration that is, if anyone is interested.  It's also very fine
> if no-one is.  And so as such, I thought of sharing it here also - any
> comments welcomed.
> 'test-jam112' is an improvisation. The purpose is only to give an
> overview of what it could be.  It's barely mixed.  The context is
> smooth, perhaps even ambient, with acoustic guitars and long synths.

And there is now a Fretless Bass Mix, with fretless bass contributed by
wjl (Wolfgang) from Linux Musicians.  The fretless bass adds a lot of
character to the piece.



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