[LAU] Review/résumé: Monitor for usage with Ardour.

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Aug 15 09:20:02 UTC 2017


I tested and sent back an LG 24MB56HQ-B for 135,-€ and bought an
EIZO EV2450 for 300,-. I'm testing it since 5 days. Until now I handled
it with kid gloves, just office work, no raw music work, IOW no
accidents, cleaned from dust using a brand-new microfibre cloth for
glasses. For some unknown reason the display already has got an around
2 cm long scratch that is visible by direct sunlight. Nothing happened
and it's already damaged. I wonder what happens to the display when it
gets seriously used. In all the years I never damaged an iPad display
or CRT screens, even not by raw usage or accidents and the LCD's display
is already damaged after 5 days of usage with kid gloves. The mains
plug connector plugged into the monitor doesn't fit tightly. EIZO
support sent me a replacement cable with a different kettle plug, but
the kettle plug still doesn't fit better. The image quality for
pictures is superb, but font rendering is still a PITA. Not only
related to the font issue, the LCD monitor does cause much more
straining than a CRT. It's still like looking at a screen tone. If I
compare the CRT and the LCD I don't miss anything for the CRT, excepted
of the aspect ratio the LCD display provides. Indeed, the image quality
regarding colours and sharpness is better for the LCD display, but the
CRT doesn't cause straining and even weak font rendering is less
unpleasant. Btw. the cheaper LG monitor provided an option to blurry
the image, the more expensive EIZO doesn't provide such an option.
Regarding videos I never noticed screen tearing on a regular basis
before. This seems to be unique for LCDs. The EIZO might provide
options related to video I didn't discovered yet.

The aspect ratio of the LCD is already nice for office work and writing
scripts, so without doubts it will improve Ardour usage a lot, too. The
LCD also doesn't suffer from direct sunlight as much as a CRT. For
watching photos, the image quality most often is better than of a CRT,
there are just issues with thin lines, font rendering and things like
that, making the CRT the better choice. However, eye straining (not only
regarding fonts), for some users perhaps screen tearing (I don't care
about screen tearing at the moment) and the easily to hurt display are
serious issues.

If I wouldn't need 16:9, I would stay with CRTs.


PS: The syslinux bootloader is a PITA for my dualhead setup. Usually I
turn of the secondary monitor, but let the secondary monitor
connected, even if it's unused. The BIOS displays the same on both
monitors, but syslinux displays the menu only on the secondary monitor,
as long as it is connected, even if it's turned off.

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