[LAU] Digigram VX222e not seen as card

Sam Mulvey sam at vis.nu
Wed Aug 16 22:24:34 UTC 2017

A radio station I'm working on has a machine with a Digigram VX222e
connected to it.

According to the Digigram site and ALSA, the sound card is supported by
ALSA. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be detected as a sound card.
Reading online, it requires some firmware, but it appears that my system
has the proper firmware installed.

The VX222e is a PCIe card, but it appears to be PCI on the card with a
PCIe to PCI bridge. According to Digigram's support site, they made a
hardware change in March of 2017, and I suspect that this might be the

I'm guessing it might be as simple enough as an ID match that I need to
add to a module, but I've never worked with the card before, and I'm a
little stuck.

I've posted lspci, dmesg and the like on this page in order to not
clutter up the list:

Any pointers would be really helpful.   Thanks!


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