[LAU] Digigram VX222e not seen as card

Adam Sampson ats at offog.org
Thu Aug 17 12:02:47 UTC 2017

Bengt Gördén <bengan at bag.org> writes:

> vx222.c ... This doesn't include 10b5:9056

I don't think that's the right driver -- see sound/pci/pcxhr/pcxhr.c:

static const struct pci_device_id pcxhr_ids[] = { ...
    { 0x10b5, 0x9056, 0x1369, 0xba21, 0, 0, PCI_ID_VX222E, },               


The different cards in the list all have vendor/device 10b5:9056, but are
distinguished by the subsystem IDs -- your lspci output shows:

        Subsystem: Digigram Device ba41

i.e. it's 1369:ba41, rather than the 1369:ba21 listed for the VX222e. So
perhaps the new version of the card needs different firmware from the
old version (looks likely if they've changed chips - it's a pretty
complex device with a DSP and an FPGA on board!), and it hasn't been
added to the list in the ALSA driver yet. Given Digigram wrote the ALSA
driver, I'd be tempted to ask them...


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