[LAU] Yoshimi V 1.5.3

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Tue Aug 22 16:27:41 UTC 2017

V 1.5.3 - Swift
Small, streamlined and fast moving.

We have revised the whole of Microtonal (scales) for better accuracy, and
fixing originally incorrect range limitations. This is now much closer to the
Scala specification, although there seems to be an ambiguity when you have a
keymap defined and have an inverted scale - which key is the pivot point?

The GUI representation has been improved so you always see what you entered,
not an approximation with strings of '9's!

Microtonal settings are now fully accessible to the CLI.

Vector control has had a makeover. Amongst other things, the name field is now
editable and is stored when you save. This means it will be retained on patch
sets and states as well, so when these are reloaded you will know what vectors
are embedded.

An entire state file can now be loaded silently in the same way as patch sets
and vectors can.

Further improvements to the CLI are full access to all configuration settings,
and better organisation of command grouping and help lists.

Some data was not ordinarily saved if features were disabled at the time of
saving. We have added a switch to allow all data to be saved regardless. This
makes for larger files of course, but does ensure that you can get an *exact*
recovery if you need it.

You can now directly interact with the formant filter graphic display in a way
that is more intuitive and easier to use.

The Console window now scrolls the right way! One of yoshimi's little helpers
worked out how to scroll the window to keep the most recent line visible at the

It is now possible to run Yoshimi stand-alone with both GUI and CLI input
disabled, thus responsive only to MIDI input. In view of this we have added a
new shortform NRPN that will shut it down cleanly. You simply send 68 on both
NRPN CCs (99 and 98).

Under the hood:

As well as additional Gui controls transferred to the new lock-free system,
some of the earlier implimentations of CLI controls have been transferred. One
result is that much of the code is leaner, and easier to follow.

Some needlessly dynamic memory allocations have now been changed to fixed ones.
This gives a noticable reduction to DSP peaks.

There are a few more old and new bugfixes.

To build yoshimi fetch the tarball from either:

Our user list archive is at:

Will J Godfrey
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