[LAU] "JX-O5" (Roland JX-03 track made on Linux)

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Sun Feb 19 23:39:36 UTC 2017

Hi all,

this track admittedly doesn't make use of much open source software
(except zita-reverb), but it was recorded on a Linux system
nevertheless, using Tracktion 7 and an el-cheapo Behringer UCA-222 audio


(Download: https://chrisarndt.de/music/homerecording/JX-O5.ogg)

All sounds are from a Roland JX-03 Boutique synth, except drums, which
are Roland CR78 samples sequenced in the DAW. This a a quick two
evenings weekend jam and the mix is a bit muddy, sorry, it all was
thrown together rather quickly.

I'm happy to report that the Roland JX-03 works very well together with
Linux. USB-MIDI works out of the box (though USB audio doesn't) and
patch up-/download via USB mass storage mode also poses no problems.

The MIDI implementation of the JX-03 has a few minor issues (e.g. no
smoothing of parameter changes via CC, very occassionally hanging notes,
step sequencer always starts on MIDI start), but overall, with the new
firmare that supports parameter editing via CCs, the synth can be easily
integrated into any Linux DAW setup.

Share & Enjoy,


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