[LAU] balanced <--> unbalanced

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Jan 10 23:27:18 UTC 2017

Chris, Fons,

ok, this could be an issue. A while back I mentioned that I never build
usable audio circuits on a stripboard, while the same circuits were
usable on etched circuit boards. The route of short conducting
paths and especially grounding paths already could make a difference.
Cable length here usually is between 1.5 m and 3.0 m. Maybe it makes a
difference were connecting "-" to ground. I'm still sceptic, that it
does cause the issues for the Focusrite. It at least seems not to be
impossible. The problem is, that nothing in the user manual gives a
hint, to avoid plugging in TS jacks into the balanced outputs.



When I worked for Brauner, I soldered some of the Klaus Heyne Edition,
my claim is that all Klaus Heyne changes are fraud. Reminds me of
freeze-dried, neutral point earthing, peas and power strips

"Yes, power cords too, have an influence on sound quality. This is hard
to believe and even harder to explain. But it nevertheless cannot be
denied, once you have tried it. Often it is precisely this cable that
transforms a good audio chain into a peak unit . A truly rewarding way
to perfect high-end systems." -


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