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Sorry for the wrong list... Forwarded to the proper list.

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Subject: ROLI Seaboard RISE
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 16:09:24 +0000
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Hi John,

I just saw your email to the LAU list and I would like to reply to it
but I couldn't since I was not registered to this mailing list. So I
have to create a new thread, sorry for the flood. :/

TL;DR: Don't worry about updating the Kernel, ALSA or anything. MIDI
over BLE is part of the BlueZ user-space and it is not released yet. So,
if you are too eager to try it out (I recommend), you have to build
bluetoothd yourself, check my blog for more information[1]. MIDI over
USB works just fine.

Technical stuff:

* The Bluetooth Low Energy support for MIDI is not in the Linux Kernel.
It is part of BlueZ's bluetoothd daemon, so you need to update BlueZ
user-space only. The thing is that it was not released yet, so if you
want the feature you have to compile bluetoothd yourself for now.

* The MIDI-USB is in the Linux Kernel, but you don't need to update that
since the drivers there are working for a long time now (thanks to
Clemens Ladisch and others). The changes for v4.9 I mentioned on my blog
impacts only the *gadget* driver only! The gadget driver is used for USB
devices (keyboard) and not USB hosts (your computer).

* You can ignore those pulseaudio errors on your log. That is because
pulseaudio tries to handle any ALSA Card that exports a PCM device and
since the MIDI device opens a new ALSA Card but it only exports a MIDI
device, it will fail to open it.

So, you can use your Seaboard RISE with USB just fine on Linux.

PS: How do you find using your RISE? Are you interested in having the
Equator synth and Dashboard applications on Linux? If so let me know, I
can arrange these for you (or anyone else). We, at ROLI, want to release
a beta version for Linux, it will be great to know if users are
interested in it.



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