[LAU] Release v0.1: IConnectivity MIDI Configuration Utility

holger at dehnhardt.org holger at dehnhardt.org
Thu Jun 15 20:24:02 UTC 2017

Dear linux audio users and developers,

(crossposting as usual for releases)

at the end of the last year I bought a new MIDI interface. I decided to buy a IConnectivity MIO10
as it comes closest to my old (MOTU MIDI Express XT) as it was reported to work flawless with
linux. It did, regarding the MIDI-Part, but as usual, the configuration was not possible with
linux. As WINE did not work for me as well, I decided to create my own utility. 
And here it is:
Currently it does support only a small part of the configuration possibilities, the interface
provides (Read the RELEASENOTES.md for further information) and is prealphabetasomewhat - but as I
did not implement firmware updates - it should (and in my case did not) not break the device.

The utility should work with most IConnectivity MIDI devices but I ownly could test ist with my

There are *no* precompiled packages at the moment, you have to build them. (It is based on QT)
But I really apprecciate every input (please use the github issues) - and if someone wwould like to
enable compiling under Windows or Mac (which should work as I use QT an RTMidi) - you are very

All the best


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