[LAU] jack application seg faults

Dede Lamb ddlala27 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 01:40:27 UTC 2017

Hi all! First time poster, long time enthusiast.

I'm using:

   - jack-audio-connection-kit-2.9999 (+alsa, +dbus)
   - pulseaudio-10.0 (+jack)
   - alsa-utils-1.1.2
   - jalv-1.6.0-r1 (+gtk)
   - calf plugins 0.0.60-r1 (+lv2)
   - cadence 9999-r1 (+pulseaudio)

I'm working at scripting from the command line and I have a pretty good
working prototype but I've hit an issue.

   - Running a fourth instance of jalv (either jalv or jalv.gtk) will cause
   the other three to seg fault.
   - I don't think the issue is confined to jalv, I've replicated it by
   running the jack meters in cadence.

I'm not sure exactly where to take my issue but my first guess is jack


Dede Lamb
ddlala27 at gmail.com
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