[LAU] Render and animate OctaMed songs in batch processing

Kjetil Matheussen k.s.matheussen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 12:22:42 UTC 2017

Henning Thielemann:

> Decades ago I arranged more than 200 songs using MED/OctaMED/OctaMED
> Studio on various Amigas. In the meantime I converted them all to MMD1 and
> MMD2 format. I wanted to render them to audio files (e.g. WAV) for use on
> CDs or MP3 players. I could render the MMD1 files without problems using
> UADE, however UADE refuses to render MMD2 (with mixer mode). XMP seems to
> play some MMD2 modules, but not all of them (maybe has to do with mixer
> mode).

> Radium seems to accept only MMD2 and not MMD1, but when playing
> there is only silence (whereas demo songs make noise, so no Jack problem).

That makes sense. Radium only import MIDI instruments from MMD2 and MMD3
songs. I made Radium to replace Octamed, so I needed to import
my MMD2/MMD3 songs, which only contained MIDI.

> Next step: I want to create music videos from the playing modules for
> upload, say, to YouTube. I am certainly not patient enough to perform all
> songs in OctaMED in an Amiga emulator (FS-UAE) and record the performances
> using a screen grabber (like ffmpeg -f x11grab).

I guess you could create a script and let it run over night. Something like

1. Modify S/startup-sequence to load and play the next module.
2. Start a program that monitors the audio output of uae. When uae
stops producing sound, the script shuts down uae.
3. Goto 1.

> If playing in Radium
> would work, I could check whether it is possible to control Radium and
> screen grabbing from a shell script.

I've used obsproject.com to create the youtube radium videos. It
performed far better than everything else I tried. Almost no
problems recording glitch-free 1900x1080 at 60hz on my ~10 year old computer.
It's probably possible to script it somehow too.
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