[LAU] Rated Blue - 32C Sessions LIVE Digital Album

holger at dehnhardt.org holger at dehnhardt.org
Thu Jun 22 11:18:51 UTC 2017


I'm glad to hear some 'handmade music' recorded with Linux! 
Very groovy and really good sound - especially as it is a live recording.

Your son was right when he urged you to go out there and play;-)


22. Juni 2017 06:22, "Glen MacArthur"  schrieb:
Howdy LAU friends,

Just passing along this blog post in case anyone is interested,
http://www.bandshed.net/2017/06/21/rated-blue-32c-sessions-live-digital-album (http://www.bandshed.net/2017/06/21/rated-blue-32c-sessions-live-digital-album/)

Thanks! Glen
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