[LAU] Scala-microtuning and Jack

Crojav hendrikus.godvliet at posteo.net
Mon May 1 23:11:27 UTC 2017

Op 02-05-17 om 01:02 schreef Paul Davis:
> It isn't obvious to me what you're looking for. Scala fundamentally 
> doesn't have anything to do with JACK. What is it that you want to get 
> from Scala & JACK?
Dear Paul

In the first place it is a question I asked on Manuel. Why? Scale can 
play midi sequences and has a player or microtuning-keyboard.... witch 
now only can play in some .... way with Timidity and Fluidsynth. If that 
can connect with Jack than I would be able to connect this with 

Hope you can understand my discription, or I hope that you with you 
inside knowledge can understand what here is need full.

Please if you need more info or screen shots let me know?

Friendly greetings from the Netherlands

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