[LAU] Rated Blue - Straight Up

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Tue May 2 11:49:46 UTC 2017

May 1 2017, Glen MacArthur has written:
> https://vimeo.com/215511469
Hi Glen,
I LOVE the bass sound! <3 Very 70s, almost late 60s. The tone and the
way it sits in the mix. Perhaps a little loud by modern standards, but
it works very well with the song. Except for the guitar chords, I
wouldn't have been reminded of James Borwn, but of another funk jazz
musician. It's a nice song in its own right. It is straight up and
straight ahead. More of that, please!

Best wishes,


When you need someone, you just turn around and I will be there <3

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