[LAU] Rated Blue - Straight Up

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Tue May 2 18:15:25 UTC 2017

Hi jonetsu,

Thanks for the listen and comment, much appreciated!

I do take your point, in this song I kind of went out of my way to
make the instrumental part simple and keep it straight up (pun
intended). When I was writing the song I consciously thought "here's
where the big solo should/would go... hmm how about an anti-solo
instead?". Obviously as I'm sure you've noticed guitarists tend to go
way overboard and I both consciously want to avoid the stereotype but
pragmatically also as the main singer and soloist it's nice to have a
handful of songs through a night where I don't have to wank out yet
another solo, indeed on this tune keeping the funky groove is
challenge enough!

Thanks again, looking forward to your next creation!

Best, Glen

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 > https://vimeo.com/215511469

 Good tune. I'd say that following "give it to me" the instrumental
 that follows at 01:52 should have more oomph on the bass side. Like
 actually doing something extra. Or both bass and guitar doing
 something extra.


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