[LAU] OT: Monitor setups

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Wed May 3 16:32:37 UTC 2017

I suppose I'll go ahead and describe my setup...

I'm running a WindowMaker desktop with two monitors.  One is very tall
and setup as a portrait mode monitor, and the other to the right of it
is smaller but landscape mode.  When I'm running Ardour, the editor and
mixer window pretty much cover 100% of the tall portrait mode screen, so
I have the other monitor for everything else (Ardour transport bar,
QJackCtl, Hydrogen, Muse, QMidiArp, Seq24, hdspmixer, Emacs, etc,
etc.).  If I need more space, of course there are other virtual desktops
I can flip to.

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