[LAU] OT: Monitor setups

Crojav hendrikus.godvliet at posteo.net
Thu May 4 14:53:02 UTC 2017


Yes I do you use multiple workspaces on one monitor. A 22" 16:10

* first workspace is always JackCtl

* Second Ardour sequencer

* Third  Ardour mixer

* Workspaces 4/9 GxTuner + KMeter, Htop,  Atom editor

I don't do recording.

My work centers on Ardour Midi + ZynaddsubFx/Plugin's

I also have a script what opens all of this and bring it on the right 

Regards Crojav

Op 04-05-17 om 00:28 schreef Antony Gelberg:
> Crojav, do you use multiple workspaces on one monitor?
> Does anybody get by with only one monitor? Does anybody have a certain 
> setup for recording, then a different setup for mixing? Screenshots / 
> photographs welcome!
> It's really interesting seeing people writing about workspaces. I 
> haven't been into them in the slightest since I went back to a 
> "normal" window manager (xfce) from my ratpoison / ion3 days. I guess 
> I just like to have most things in front of me, and I can always 
> Alt-Tab or use the taskbar to get to another program. Let's face it, 
> 90% of our lives are in the web browser when we're not doing audio, 
> right? ;)

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