[LAU] [LAD] LAC 2017 Program - Linux Audio Conference in Saint-Etienne

Frank Neumann beachnase at web.de
Thu May 4 19:32:33 UTC 2017

Hi Paul and all,

> So, I'm contemplating doing the 30km trail race on Sunday. Is anyone else
> thinking about this? Does anyone have a car that could get me/us out to the
> event start by 08:00 on Sunday morning?

If my feet (heels) wouldn't kill me (which they do for a year now), I'd be tempted
to join you, but sorry, no. It would mean several days of just hobbling around
painfully afterwards.

However, I realized that near the trip to "Barrage du Gouffre d’Enfer", there
is a Via Ferrata (german: "Klettersteig") which sounds tempting, so I'll have
my gear for that with me. Anyone else? :-)


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