[LAU] Motu 1248 - Full success

Moshe Werner moshwe at gmail.com
Mon May 15 08:56:04 UTC 2017

> Could you elaborate on the connection scheme of your setup? Are the
>> different Motu boxes connected via the AVB switches?
> The Motu boxes are connected through a Motu AVB switch and AVB streams. As
> I do not have OpenAVB working (yet), the connections to and from Linux are
> done through USB2. In all cases the main control machine is connected to a
> 16A and auxiliary computers through the 24ai (because of AVB stream count).
> Everything else connects through the internal routing matrix and AVB
> streams, very flexible. All devices slave to one over AVB. Input and output
> not to the computer are handled through analog and/or ADAT I/O.
> As the channel count is high 64 channels is a must - I had discarded the
> Motu devices because they were limited to 24 channels I/O but then they
> issued a firmware update that enabled a configurable tradeof between max
> sampling rate and number of channels over USB2. I was looking at a solution
> using MADI before, but this was more flexible and cheaper (limited
> budgets), but of course very vendor specific. I have (currently) three use
> cases for this setup, one is using this as the core I/O for the GRAIL, our
> "portable" 3D surround speaker concert system - tested in two concerts so
> far. Another is for the control system of an ongoing upgrade for our
> concert hall (the Stage) from 16.8 to 48.8 (this is the one that forced me
> to find a solution). I'm also testing this to replace the existing audio
> I/O for our Listening Room (just testing this last Friday, looks like may
> be able to run this at 64x2 instead of the current 128x2 with RME and MADI
> / RayDAT cards).
> So far so good... hopefully I will not run into any pitfalls :-)
So the computer is connected to the switch too i guess? Or how do you
control the routing?

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