[LAU] checking passive input frequencies on non Hi-Z connection

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun May 21 18:09:18 UTC 2017

We don't need to dispute each others expertise. I suspect most
guitarists own stomp boxes. Some of them use an electronic
bypass, so the OP simply could use a stomp box to compare the sound of
adjusted impedance with non adjusted impedance. Period. My forecast is
that if it should make a difference, than neither to the good, nor to
the bad, it always sounds less good, than when using a guitar pre-amp
connected to the mixer, let alone a guitar amp with speaker recorded
with a mic. This means the OP just needs different EQ
settings, in the end the sound with or without adjusted impedance for
several usages isn't as good as the sound when using just a guitar
pre-amp or much better an amp with speaker.

Your advice was "Get a DI box." My advice shortened to what's important
in the context of this dispute was, that a stomp box most guitarists
own, for this purpose does the same job as a DI box. So why recommending
to pay for additional gear that gains absolutely nothing?

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